I wonder how my life would be like two months from now. I'm currently sitting in for Mr. Someone's TLE class in Grade 10 - 10. They're surprisingly very chill; my experience with Grade 7 - 10 comparatively much more intense than this one. I just finished checking Grade 11 - STEM 2's summative test … Continue reading Interlude


Tiredness – Repetition – Names – Apology

GL305 March 4, 2017/ Saturday/ 1:45 p.m.   What thing is sure to tire you (as you figured, lately)? Listening to someone I feel no connection with. It's hard giving a sh*t when someone is already full of it. "... already full of it." Which? Your colon? What are you implying...? Haha. I feel tired … Continue reading Tiredness – Repetition – Names – Apology

Unborn – Food

PLM Library March 2, 2017/ Thursday/ 11:48 a.m.   Weird question (and rather depressing) but if you weren't born, where do you think you would be? Wow. Quite paradoxical. I can almost imagine my head literally contract and then explode. Think of a nothingness. Of a period of no consciousness--unless we did live somewhere and some time before … Continue reading Unborn – Food

End – Impasse – Time – Multiverse- Illusion – Freewill – Choice – Freedom

PLM Library March 1, 2017/ Wednesday/ 10:32 a.m.   How does the End look like? I don't believe in an end, actually... It's somewhat pointless to me, reaching that point. Impasse, I ceased to exist. But it could be interesting to try experimenting with your head and poisoning it with images of thing you can … Continue reading End – Impasse – Time – Multiverse- Illusion – Freewill – Choice – Freedom

Fear – Pain – Universe – Aliens – Deities

MILC February 11, 2017/ Saturday/ 10:10 a.m.   Wanna escape reality together? Pose a question. Let's go into the void. What gets your attention is something people usually ignore. Name one. Cobwebs. How long has the spider been surveying that spot--long enough to actually found a home in a place so abandoned? Yours? Quite funny … Continue reading Fear – Pain – Universe – Aliens – Deities

1st MOA Date

  Remember this date: April 27, 2017     Remember that we made time for a get-together in the midst of our busy job hunt. We've just come from talking MELT at Mapua when we rode two consecutive FXs to MOA, the latter ride having a strong sort of gravity it made our jaws drop … Continue reading 1st MOA Date